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Aluminium Platform Step

200Kg Load Rating

Allweld FPS12 200Kg Aluminium Platform Step

Allweld FPS: Sizes & Codes
Steps Platform Height Weight Foot Print (Approx.) Prod # LJL Code
2 0.55m 9 Kg 1040mm x 720mm FPS06 PSHA02
3 0.82m 11 Kg 1230mm x 720mm FPS09 PSHA03
4 1.09m 13 Kg 1400mm x 720mm FPS12 PSHA04
5 1.36m 15 Kg 1600mm x 720mm FPS15 PSHA05
6 1.63m 17 Kg 1800mm x 720mm FPS18 PSHA06
7 1.90m 20 Kg 1950mm x 870mm FPS21 PSHA07
8 2.18m 22 Kg 2110mm x 870mm FPS24 PSHA08

Note: "Steps" includes the Platform


Allweld FPS: Options
Option Sizes Prod # LJL Code
Spring Loaded Castors 2 - 6 Step LDC LDC
Lever Operated Castors 7 & 8 Step HDC HDC
Loading Tray (5Kg Load Rating) (480mm x 240mm) ALL LT LT
Optional Hand Rail (All have Grab Rails) ALL OHR OHR
Safety Gate for added safety ALL SG SG
Wall Mounting Bracket ALL WMB WMB


Allweld FPS Spring Loaded Castors Allweld  FPS Lever Operated Castors Allweld FPS Loading Tray Alweld FPS Optional Handrails Allweld FPS Safety Gate - Closed Allweld FPS Safety Gate - Open


For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LJL Code.