Bailey Ladders in Melbourne

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Little Jumbo Ladders is a leading Distributor of Bailey Ladders in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Bailey ladders are known for their durability and build quality, with 55 years of sales in Australia they have become the number one trusted name in ladders. For superior quality and safety you can trust Bailey Ladders.


We also Import, Manufacture, Repair and Distribute many other brands and associated Ladder products.


Little Jumbo Ladders hold over 1000 ladders in stock as well as a large range of Spares Parts & Ladder Accessories.


   Bailey Ladders - Single Sided Aluminium      Bailey Ladders - Single Sided Fibreglass      Bailey Ladders - Double Sided Aluminium      Bailey Ladders - Double Sided Fibreglass      Bailey Ladders - Dual Purpose Aluminium & Fibreglass

          Aluminium                  Fibreglass                     Aluminium                      Fibreglass                   Alum. & F/Glass

        Single Sided               Single Sided                 Double Sided                 Double Sided                  Dual Purpose


   Bailey Ladders - Step Extensions Aluminium & Fibreglass            Bailey Ladders - Extensions Aluminium & Fibreglass            Bailey Ladders - Single/Straight Aluminium & Fibreglass            Bailey Ladders - Platform Ladders Aluminium & Fibreglass            Bailey Ladders - Order Pickers Aluminium

         Alum. & F/Glass               Alum. & F/Glass      Alum. & F/Glass            Alum. & F/Glass                    Aluminium

        Step Extensions                  Extensions          Single/Straight           Platform Ladders                 Order Pickers


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