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Bailey ProCon FGPS

Fibreglass Platform Step

Bailey Professional 150Kg Load Rating

Bailey ProCon FGPS (FS10722) 150Kg Fibreglass Platform Step Bailey ProCon FGPS Handrail Bailey ProCon FGPS Platform Bailey ProCon FGPS Punchlock®, “Tri-brace” & Rubber Boot

Bailey ProCon FGPS: Sizes & Codes
Steps Platform Height Weight Foot Print (Approx.) Prod # LJL Code
2 0.576m 9.7 Kg 809mm x 564mm FS10720 PSHBF02
3 0.861m 11.1 Kg 978mm x 590mm FS10721 PSHBF03
4 1.146m 12.5 Kg 1147mm x 641mm FS10722 PSHBF04
5 1.432m 14.0 Kg 1317mm x 671mm FS10723 PSHBF05
6 1.717m 15.9 Kg 1486mm x 709mm FS10724 PSHBF06
7 2.002m 20.1 Kg 1655mm x 751mm FS10725 PSHBF07
8 2.288m 22.5 Kg 1824mm x 790mm FS10726 PSHBF08

Note: "Steps" includes the Platform



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Bailey ProCon FGPS: Options
Option Sizes Weight Prod # LJL Code
Spring Loaded Castors 2' - 6' 2.5 Kg FS23120 PSCL
Spring Loaded Castors 7' - 8' 2.5 Kg FS23121 PSCH
“Fold Away” Safety Gate ALL 2.5 Kg FS13324 PSSG

Spring Loaded Castor - Front Spring Loaded Castor - Rear Safety Gate Folded Away Safety Gate Closed Safety Gate Open


For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LJL Code.