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Ladderweld 170Kg Aluminium Access Platforms

Aluminium Temporary Work Platforms

Can be Configured as a Standard Platform, with a Work Shelf or as a Walk-Thru Platform

Ladderweld Industrial 170Kg Load RatingClick Here to View a Video of the Ladderweld Access Platform

Ladderweld AP04 170Kg Aluminium Access Platform (Standard)Ladderweld AP04 170Kg Aluminium Access Platform (Work Shelf)Ladderweld AP04 170Kg Aluminium Access Platform (Walk-Thru)

Ladderweld Access Platforms: Sizes & Codes
Steps P/F Height Weight Foot Print (Approx.) Prod # LJL Code
3 0.828m 38.1 Kg 1168mm x 724mm FS13591 AP03
4 1.104m 40.6 Kg 1309mm x 764mm FS13592 AP04
5 1.381m 43.0 Kg 1451mm x 804mm FS13593 AP05
6 1.656m 46.0 Kg 1592mm x 844mm FS13594 AP06
7 1.933m 48.5 Kg 1733mm x 884mm FS13595 AP07
8 2.209m 51.0 Kg 1875mm x 924mm FS13596 AP08
10 2.761m 62.0 Kg 2157mm x 1004mm FS13597 AP10
12 3.313m 69.0 Kg 2440mm x 1084mm FS13598 AP12
14 3.866m 76.4 Kg 2723mm x 1164mm FS13599 AP14

Note: "Steps" includes the Platform


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For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LJL Code.