Mezzanine Ladders

Mezzanine Ladders are a Straight Tread Type Ladder used for access on to mezzanine floors and internal spaces above offices, tea rooms or storage rooms.


They are typically 600mm wide and have handrails on both sides to assist with climbing and descending.


Mezzanaine Ladders can be stored out of the way (vertically against the wall) with a simple lift and push action.


When required, just lift and pull the ladder out as far as it can go and it will be set at the correct climbing angle with the top step level with the floor you are accessing.


Little Jumbo Ladders manufactures Fully Welded Mezzanine Ladders at our Braeside Factory to your exact height.


We also sell the Stockmaster Mezzalad Range which are riveted and bolted and come with a Safety Gate.


Little Jumbo Ladders ML Fully Welded Mezzanine LadderStockMaster Mezzalad Mezzanine LadderLittle Jumbo Ladders - Ladder Platform




        If you are looking for         a Mobile Ladder with         a Platform to access         your Mezzanine floor         (as well as being         used for Picking Stock         from shelves or         racking), check out         our Fully Welded         Ladder Platforms         which can be made         to suit your required         Height with Side or         Rear Access Option.





       Little Jumbo ML                Stockmaster Mezzalad                                                              Little Jumbo LMP

    Fully Welded Ladder             Ladder with Safety Gate                                                          Fully Welded Platform