Platform Ladders Melbourne

Platform Ladders are similar to Single Sided Step Ladders as they have treads on one side & a rear frame on the other so they can stand alone in an "A" Frame Configuration (Free Standing) but with a Platform as the top step.

The Stiles or sides of the Ladder extend above the Platform (usually 900mm) to act as a handrail for added safety.

Platform Ladders are being used more often than Step Ladders as they provide more comfort & safety to the user.

The treads & rear frame can be riveted, welded or swaged and they range in sizes from 2' (0.6m) to 12' (3.6m).

Platform Ladders can be folded together for easy transport or storage just like a Step Ladder.


Some Models have options for Castors, Safety Gates, Safety Rails, Kickboards, Tool Trays and more.


Little Jumbo Ladders in Melbourne sell several Brands and Models with various Load Ratings, Features and Options.


                                Aluminium Platform Ladders

Indalex TRDP 120Kg Aluminium SLIMLINE Platform Ladders  Bailey P150 Aluminium Platform Ladders  Indalex PROP 150Kg Aluminium Platform Ladders  LADaMAX PS 150Kg Aluminium Platform Ladders  Bailey P170 Aluminium 170Kg Job Station  Allweld FPS 200Kg Aluminium Platform Ladders

   Indalex TRDP      Bailey P150 PS       Indalex PROP         LADaMAX PS      Bailey P170 JS      Allweld FPS

     120Kg Alum.          150Kg Alum.            150Kg Alum.            150Kg Alum.         170Kg Alum.         200Kg Alum.


                                Fibreglass Platform Ladders

Bailey P150 Fibreglass Platform Ladders    Branach FPL 150Kg Fibreglass Platform Ladders    Branach FPW WIDE 150Kg Fibreglass Platform Ladders    Branach FPS Corrosion Resistant 150Kg Fibreglass Platform Ladders    Indalex PROPF 150Kg Fibreglass Platform Ladders    Bailey P170 Fibreglass 170Kg Job Station

 Bailey P150 PS        Branach FPL        Branach FPW       Branach FPS         Indalex PROPF      Bailey P170 JS

      150Kg F/G               150Kg F/G             150Kg F/G            150Kg F/G                150Kg F/G              170Kg F/G       


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Little Jumbo Safety Step Range

   If you are looking for a Step Ladder with
   Extra Large Steps, check out the range
   of Aluminuim Little Jumbo Safety Steps.





LMP PhotoLMP DrawingDeluxe Order PickerOrder Picker   If you need a larger platform for picking stock from shelves or    racking in warehouses, storage areas or factories check out
   the range of Order Pickers.



   If you need a fully welded platform for work on construction
   sites, maintenance work or for access to mezzanines, check
   out the available range or customised Ladder Platforms.