Little Jumbo Safety Steps

150Kg Load Rating


Little Jumbo Safety Step (310B)

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1. Extra wide and deep treads (360mm Wide x 230mm Deep), without sharp corners or edges.


2. Non-slip aluminium chequer plate design or black synthetic covering.


3. Large corrugated plastic foot pads ensure stability and protect flooring.


4. Optional: Set of 4 practical rubber-tyred castoring wheels. The ball-bearing fitted wheels are spring mounted so                     that the wheels retract under load, ensuring stable standing when the Safety Steps are in use.

                 - Easy Wheeler Kit also available (Two wheels at rear to tow steps with pick-up and tilt action).(See Options)


5. Folding Safety Bracket provides a secure hold – includes plenty of space to hold tools, and also has a bucket hook     on each side. (Safety Bracket height is 720mm on all models except for the 2-Step which is 475mm.)


Little Jumbo Safety Steps: Sizes & Codes   - Note: ALL Step Rises are 230mm High
Model Top Step Height Footprint (L x W) Weight LJL Code
2-Step Compact * 460mm 555mm x 478mm 5.1 Kg 210C
2-Step with Bracket 460mm 586mm x 535mm 7.0 Kg 210B
3-Step Compact * 690mm 795mm x 479mm 7.2 Kg 310C
3-Step (No Bracket) 690mm 906mm x 552mm 8.6 Kg 310
3-Step with Bracket 690mm 906mm x 552mm 10.6 Kg 310B
4-Step (No Bracket) 920mm 1197mm x 562mm 11.3 Kg 410
4-Step with Bracket 920mm 1197mm x 562mm 13.0 Kg 410B
5-Step with Bracket 1150mm 1500mm x 585mm 15.3 Kg 510B


* The Compact models are designed with a slightly steeper step angle to allow a smaller footprint. (No Bracket) *


No Bracket RangeBracket Range

Model 210C Open / 210C Closed / 310 Open / 410 Open   Model 310B Open / 310B Closed / 410B Open / 510B Open


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Please Note there is also a range of Safety Step Options and Safety Step Spares available.


For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LJL Code.