Step Ladders

There are two main types of Step Ladders (also called "A" Frame Ladders) - Single Sided and Double Sided.


Step Ladders can be manufactured using different materials (including Aluminium, Fibreglass and Timber), the treads can be riveted, welded or swaged and they come in a range of sizes from 2' (0.6m) to 16' (4.8m).


Little Jumbo Ladders sell several Brands and Models with various Load Ratings and Features.


Aluminium Single Sided Step Ladders Aluminium Double Sided Step Ladders Fibreglass Single Sided Step Ladders Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladders Timber Single Sided Step Ladders Timber Double Sided Step Ladders

Aluminium Single  Aluminium Double   Fibreglass Single   Fibreglass Double    Timber Single     Timber Double


Little Jumbo Safety Step Range

   If you are looking for a Step Ladder with
   Extra Large Steps, check out the range
   of Aluminuim Little Jumbo Safety Steps.





WAKU Configurations

   If you are looking for an Ultra-Versatile Step Ladder
   (Aluminium) that can change sizes, be used on stairs
   or slopes, flipped open to act as an Extension Ladder
   or even be split into two trestles (All in the one Ladder)
   check out the range of WAKU Telescopic Ladders.