Step-Ups / Stools

Step-Ups / Stools are a lightweight portable solution for getting up that extra step or two needed to reach shelves. Often used in Chain Stores, Warehouses, Shops, Offices, Schools and Supermarkets.


Manufactured in Aluminium, Plastic and Steel, some Models come with Spring Loaded Castors.


Little Jumbo Ladders sell a range of different types of Step-Ups / Stools with various features.


Little Jumbo Ladders LWP 100Kg Aluminium Step Up / Stool   WEDO 120Kg Powder Coated Steel Rolling Step Stool with Spring Loaded Castors   Team Systems 150Kg Plastic Team Step Up   Team Systems 150Kg Plastic Mobile TeamStep with Spring Loaded Castors   Team Systems 150Kg Plastic Jumbo TeamStep with Spring Loaded Castors

   Little Jumbo LWP             WEDO RSS               Team Step Up             Mobile TeamStep      Jumbo TeamStep

    100Kg Aluminium              120Kg Steel                150Kg Plastic                 150Kg Plastic             150Kg Plastic