Uprite Ladder Leveller

Automatic Ladder Levelling System

Uprite Automatic Ladder Levelling System fitted to Ladder


 The Uprite Automatic Ladder Levelling System suits Aluminium and Fibreglass Straight & Extension Ladders.


 It is ideal for stairs, gutters and other uneven surfaces or slopes, giving you up to 200mm of adjustment.


 A simple Slide & Clamp System means Easy Installation - No drilling or modifications required to Ladder.


 The Uprite Ladder Leveller automatically adjusts itself to the surface with its Ball Joint Swivel Feet.


 It has an In-Built Spirit Level so you can be sure your Ladder is in a vertical position every time.


 Securely locks when the Ladder is set down and unlocks when the Ladder is picked up (Automatically).


 There is also a Manual Locking Device (If used, it must be unlocked and reset for each use).



Please Call our Office to discuss your specific requirements.